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If you cook frequently with tofu, this press is excellent for draining the excess water. Draining the water leaves a better textured tofu, and it also allows the tofu to absorb more flavor from a marinade. I sometimes like to press the tofu, and then freeze it for a unique, more “meaty” texture. I used to press tofu between 2 dinner plates in the kitchen sink, with books stacked on top. This tofu press is so much more efficient and less messy. And you can easily press the tofu while it’s in the refrigerator. Love it.


I am so glad I invested in this press.
– Just large enough to do the job, doesn’t take up much fridge space.
– No more mess, no paper towels, just put the tofu in the press and forget about it.
– Easy clean up.
Highly recommended.


Never has a tofu press before. It has met my expectations. It is very easy to use and does a good job of removing water from the tofu. It works quickly. Definitely recommend it.


I received this tofu press for Christmas and I can’t say enough about it. I love it! I was tired of teetering stacks of books sitting on the counter day after day. Now I put my block of tofu in at night, drain it in the morning (and any time I go in the kitchen and see it sitting there) and it’s ready for some marinade. Cut the tofu (going to get the cutter for my birthday), throw it back in the container with the marinade and it’s ready to cook up at dinner time. Couldn’t be easier!


 Works like a charm very compact easy to clean drop in the tofu place the press drain the moisture place in the refrigerator go to work you are done.


 This is the best thing if you cook with tofu! No more stacking cookbooks on top of your dish towel wrapped tofu! It is easy to use and presses out more liquid from the tofu then I ever thought possible. If you have time after pressing, it is great to add your marinade into the container and let the tofu absorb the marinade. No more rubbery tofu! It also works great on the tofu shirtaki noodles! This is a must have for any vegetarian.


 Excellent tofu press! Easy to use and clean up. Lots of uses gets water out of cooked or frozen spinach.


 After reading a lot about making tofu (first time) and seeing this product. I thought it was worth a try and I’m glad I did. It makes a firm brick of tofu and works well for the storage container also. This is very sturdy.
Dee (Minnesota)


 Wow. Got my Tofu Xpress about two months ago and we’re literally eating about five times more tofu since I got this. Just last night, I had a block of Firm pressed, marinated then re-pressed in two hours total. That used to be a half-day or even prep-for-the-next-day project. This way I don’t have to plan for tomorrow’s dinner today. Also, I hated the waste of paper towels and stack of heavy books that would sometimes crash to the floor when one side pressed faster than the other. Clean up is REALLY fast and easy. And it takes up no room either in-use or stored — it’s barely larger than the tofu block — and in the fridge while marinating, there’s always room for something this small (plus, because of the design, it easily sits on top of other containers). I’ve gotten in the habit of cutting the block into pieces as it will later cook (right in the Xpress) then adding the marinade so each piece gets thoroughly marinated, then it re-presses perfectly, too. I got the kit that also comes with the light tension spring and that works very well with silken tofu. Just love this thing.
Sarah (Boston, MA)


 I bought this press after I had to give up eggs and start making my own tofu scrambles for breakfast (rather than spending $4+ on pre-made scrambles from the store). The weekend before I had this, I’d gone through 20 paper towels as I pressed my tofu old-school under a bowl filled with heavy stuff. The TofuXpress involved NO paper towels, no mess – easy peasy! I love it and I’ve only used it twice!
I bought the soft tofu in error, so the light attachment worked great. I used the light spring for an hour, then switched to the normal spring – it came out slightly softer than hard tofu with all that squeezing. Perfect!


 Getting the excess water from firm tofu required tons of paper towels and a large can of baked beans to accomplish the task. Now, it’s goodbye to all that waste and continuously trying to balance the can of beans. Since I love to cook and now that I’m finally retired, I’ve been experimenting making my own tofu and soft cheeses like paneer, feta, and queso fresco. Tofu and cheese has to be weighted down to get rid of the excess whey. The wooden boxes for making tofu made the experience messy and annoying. The same with making cheese. So, I decided to see if the Tofu Xpress would make the process easier. The answer is yes. You do have to experiment a bit; but, once you get it right, the Tofu Xpress works perfectly. Equipment like cheese presses are expensive. What’s really great is you can make your own soy milk using soaked soy beans. The result: A pound of homemade tofu for under a dollar.
James (Franklin, TN)


 I have to say, not only does this press work wonderfully well on commercial tofu, but I have also used it on pressed salads from my macrobiotic days. They are quite yummy. Just thinly slice cabbage, carrots, and sweet onions, add some sea salt and mix well. I like to add One teaspoon of Mirin and One Teaspoon of Rice vinegar and let stand for a few minutes. Place everything in your Tofuxpress press and put the lid on. Press 3 hours and drain. It’s quite delicious! I missed my salad press, but thank you Tofuxpress for being so versatile!


 I love my new Tofuxpress! I found out from my niece after several attempts that you have to press the tofu first to get rid of the stale water, then put in what you want the tofu to be infused with (Teriyaki, Soy, whatever). After you press it out, use fresh spring water and let it absorb, then press it again before you’re ready to use it! It’s delicious! Thanks for the great service!
Janet (Shaver Lake, CA)


 Love this! You have to be a little proactive, because overnight pressing works best, but it sure beats the heck out of soggy paper towels and six skillets balanced on top of a plate of tofu. After pressing with this product, the tofu is nice and compact, easy to slice and hold together very well. Easy to clean and use as well. Highly recommend.


I had this on my wishlist for like two years before someone gave it to me this past Christmas. I’d left it on the wishlist because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge $40 on some gimmick product that would take up space in my kitchen… I was so, so wrong. Buy it right now if you eat tofu more than once a month, or even if it’s only that often, really.

This thing is easy to use, easy to wash, quick, compact, and effective. The best results are if you let it go for an hour or so before you use the tofu, but even 20 minutes (even 1 minute) makes a huge difference compared to unpressed tofu. I like watching the liquid come out of the tofu and rise within seconds of putting it in. I usually dump it out immediately, sometimes twice if possible, so that there’ll be plenty of space for more to come out. I don’t think this is necessary but it’s incredibly satisfying!

If you let it work for long enough (again, an hour or so is fine, even though the instructions say three hours), the tofu you get will be less soggy than you could ever get by pressing it between cookie sheets with a pile of cookbooks on top, which was my previous method. Even better, the pressure is well distributed, so the tofu doesn’t crack and break like it does if you’re pressing it manually. Sure, it feels kind of stupid to pay for what’s essentially a box with a spring on it, but can you make a press this compact and reliable? I can’t, so I have this.

If you don’t press your tofu normally, here’s why you do it: tofu comes full of water, like a big wet sponge. When you cook it, it throws out tons of water and takes forever to get crispy, if it does at all, unless you deep fry it. If you want a FIRM texture that cooks up more like protein than like watermelon, pressed tofu is great. It’s even better if you freeze it first,* then let it thaw, THEN press it. You get a much more interesting texture than if you just use it right out of the box.

Buy it!

E. Jefferson

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