I love this product. I use it all the time. It takes all the pains out of pressing tofu. I just pop it in, dump the water off periodically, marinate it and bake it. Use it several times a month.
Annonymous Amazon customer


I am so THRILLED to have bought this press! I eat tofu every day, and was getting tired of dealing with the hassle of trying to press the water out. This product is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE the ease of just adding marinade to the same container after the tofu is pressed! I have never had so much marinade be soaked up by the tofu before! The result was an amazing dinner that my 4 year old daughter and I LOVED!
Customer from Norfolk, VA


A great product, does exactly what it promises. I’ve been making my baked tofu for years, and have never figured out how to make it as dense and toothsome as store-bought baked tofu. Now that I have the TofuXpress, I can do it. The light spring attachment is perfect for making pressed salads. I’ll be using this for years to come.

Customer from Trenton, NJ


I am so happy I finally bought this! It works exactly the way it claims… love love love it!
Theresa (Simi Valley, CA)


I can’t say enough good things about this tofu press.
Extremely easy to use.
Easy to clean.
Very sturdy and should last for a long time.
Presses more water out of firm tofu than any method I’ve ever tried.
Comes with a small recipe book (all vegan) and helpful tips on getting the most out of tofu.
It is pricey but if you eat tofu frequently or have been avoiding tofu because of the cumbersome pressing it’s well worth it.
Customer from Wright City, MO


Finally my days of wrapping tofu and stacking books in a trembling tower are over! This product is an absolute necessity for anyone who cooks with tofu. It’s easy, convenient and does a great job of pressing tofu. I’ve read others reviews about pieces breaking, but upon using I don’t see how that can happen except with possible misuse.


This tofu press easily drains so much water from a block of extra-firm tofu that the tofu acquires a texture comparable to chicken. That’s the kind of tofu I’ve always liked but was never able to make, even with baking and grilling. I’d also tried the method of wrapping the tofu in a towel, putting it between two plates, putting a heavy book on top of it all and leaving it in the refrigerator overnight. That method never removed as much water, and it was messy and time consuming.

Like other reviewers, I balked at the price initially. Having examined the press and used it several times, however, I’m very glad I did purchase it. It’s well made and it’s enabled me to make really good tofu that I can eat every day. That ultimately saves me money, and it’s healthier (and more humane) than eating chicken. As the saying goes, ‘I’d rather pay the grocer than the doctor’.

The bottom line is that I’m very happy with this purchase and would buy it again.
Brent (Jackson, MS)


Delivered as promised: on time, excellent condition, best quality and with a price tag that couldn’t have been met anywhere else. Definitely one happy customer!
Linda (Othello, WA)


The press is amazing ,it does whatis claimed , and is easy to use. it also makes all other methods obsolete , l would advise anyone to try it a great product.
(Richard from FL)


This little device is simple yet so ingenious. If you leave the tofu in this press all day, it will get super firm, perfect for making baked marinated tofu. If you leave it in for even half an hour, it will extract more water than half a roll of wasted paper towels. You might think it’s a bit pricey but if you use a lot of tofu you won’t regret the investment. Indestructible and easy to clean, you can also marinate and store the tofu in the same container. One of my all-time favorite kitchen gadgets.


I absolutely love this machine…something so simple, but so effective. You must buy it. It makes tofu more manageable. It’s worth every dollar.
(Customer from CA)


I used to dread using tofu because it was also such a pain to try to squeeze all the water out. NOT ANYMORE! This tofu press is fantastic! Assembling the product was easy, though I will say that you need to be somewhat gentle with the plastic parts because they seem like they could crack if not handled properly. I put my tofu in, slid the lid with the spring on top and immediately, I saw the water rising to the top to drain away! The directions say that 1 hour will remove most of the water from a block of tofu, 3 hours to overnight will give your tofu a meatier texture. Honestly, I think the press is so good, you could probably get all the water out within 10-15 minutes if you just sat there and drained the water out as it pooled.
I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it!
(Customer from PA)


I really like this product! It works really well, is much faster than using the plate, book and paper towel method and gets more water out, more evenly too! I used the marinading lid as well and it made everything a lot more self contained and easier to clean.
(Customer from Georgia)


I am so happy with this tofu press! I have used plates/paper towels/and towering objects to press for years…and dreaded it. This made a very dense/drained tofu, and it was amazing how fast it absorbed the marinade! Great product; highly recommend.
Carol (Corvalis, OR)


I had always read about pressing tofu in recipes and always did the balancing act with bowls filled with cookbooks and I would always end up with mush. My mom was so impressed with mine that she kept it. So I just had to order a replacement. Thanks for such a great product!
John (Atlanta, GA)


Arrived within 3 days of order, packaged well so no damage in shipping. Item was just as described and I highly recommend both the item and the seller. Could not be more pleased unless it was free!
Phyllis (Snellville, GA)


Easy to use, and it works great! Fried up some delicious tofu with sesame seeds – love it.
Bruce (Stafford, VA)


Delivered promptly and in good condition. Tofu press is well made and easy to use: I like mine so much that I’m thinking of getting them as gifts for friends and family.
Fran (Woods Hole, MA)


I was skeptical, but purchased the TofuXpress as I’ve been searching for a tool to help me make baked tofu. It worked. I’ve tried everything and this really works.
Katie (Aspen, CO)


Excellent transaction! Shipped faster than expected, quality much higher than expected, all in all I wish I had purchased sooner! Have looked at this for years and held back because of cost. It is worth every cent and sorry I waited!!!
Angela (Glennville, GA)


This product gets the water out of the tofu quickly and I love how tight the lid goes on when using it to marinate. Fantastic product!
Stephani (Traverse City, MI)


Excellent product & fast delivery. No more messes pressing tofu for me!
Adrienne (Miami, FL)

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