What is Tofu?
Tofu is made from a bean, the Soybean. The Soybean is a wonderful source of protein!

Marinating Tofu
Marinating is a process that allows for flavoring to be added to a food. First, you need to press tofu, and then immerse it in a marinade for a period of time to allow for absorption. Marinated tofu may be pressed a second time to remove some of the marinade liquid. Pressing tofu a second time is a wonderful way to keep the flavor in and also creates a consistency that is more meat-like.

Frying Tofu
One of the most wonderful ways to enjoy tofu is to lightly pan fry it so that the outside becomes crusty and the inside remains soft. The best oils to use are vegetable oils, such as Soybean Oil, Safflower Oil, Canola Oil, Avocado Oil, and Peanut Oil. Use a pan that has some depth to it. Heat oil with medium to high heat before placing tofu into pan. Foods cooked in hot oil tend to absorb less oil, so be sure the oil is hot before adding tofu.

Baking and Broiling
Always use parchment paper when baking or broiling tofu instead of aluminum foil as the tofu will absorb the metallic taste.

Why bother to get the water out of tofu?
You don’t have to. However, some tofu recipes call for this step. Once you press the water out, the tofu can then be marinated. You can also change its texture by pressing the tofu. It will become more firm and easier to grill or bake.

Where does the water go when using the TofuXpress?
The water rises to the top of the TofuXpress as the block of tofu is being pressed. Simply turn the product upside down in the sink to drain the water.

Can I use something else to get the water out?
Yes, however it will not remove enough water to marinate the tofu. You can put the tofu between two plates and put a weight on top instead of using the TofuXpress. The disadvantage of this method is its inefficiencies, messiness, and difficulty getting the setup into refrigeration. You can also use a bunch of paper towels, but with the same problems, after wasting paper towels.

Are there other uses for the TofuXpress?
Yes! You can press out liquid from thawed chopped spinach, sliced eggplant, chopped onions and more! You can also make vegan or non-vegan cheeses such as soy cheese and paneer cheese with the optional Light Tension Spring #2 Attachment.

How much tofu can be put in the TofuXpress?
The TofuXpress was designed for use with only one standard size brick of commercially made tofu, generally 1 lb.

What do I do if sometimes the tofu brick is pressing unevenly?
Tofu manufacturers cut Tofu unevenly at times. If a brick of tofu is pressing with one side higher than the other, remove the Assembled Top to stop pressing. While the Press Plate is still resting on the brick of Tofu, press down on the Press Plate where it is higher to even out the tofu. Reassemble the Assembled Top and continue pressing.

Can I put the TofuXpress in the dishwasher?
Yes! All parts can be placed into the dishwasher safely. It is recommended, however, to wash by hand as it will keep your TofuXpress looking great longer!

Can I make Tofu with the TofuXpress?
The TofuXpress does not make tofu from scratch – it is designed to work with already-made tofu, however it may be used as a mold in the final process of tofu-making. The unit does not make heat to make tofu from scratch. It may be used as a mold for forming a brick with tofu, however the Light Tension Spring #2 Attachment will be needed if pressure is desired during the forming process. The pressure in the original TofuXpress model will be too strong to use on freshly made tofu.

Does the TofuXress work with smaller blocks of Tofu, like Mori-Nu tofu?
Mori-Nu is super soft. The Tofuxpress’s original spring will be too strong for Mori-Nu and will smash it to smithereens, and make a mess of it. What you would need is our Light Tension Spring #2 Attachment sold separately from the unit (item number LTS). This is designed for softer foods including yogurt, cheeses, and other soft veggies. You can also wrap it in cheesecloth before pressing to make it even more stable in terms of maintaining its form.

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