Super fast delivery, neatly packaged. I used the item that day and it performed exactly as promised. I’m thrilled and will recommend this vendor to my family and friends!
Linda (Springfield, PA)


Great, fast delivery! The tofu press works like a charm.
Ruben (Jacksonville, NC)


Awesome product…Great Customer Service…Hopefully when more friends and family get into healthier eating they will be buying these as well….Thanks Again.
Joseph (Mesa, AZ)


This is so much easier to press tofu than lining a baking dish with paper towels and using weights! Highly recommend the product. It arrived on time and in excellent condition.


Pamela (Millersville, MD)


Exceptionally fast delivery and a top quality product (made in USA!!). I couldn’t be more satisfied in every way with my purchase.
Karen (Port Orange, FL)


This item was delivered before the date that they promised it. The tofu press is extremely useful, works exactly as described, and I will probably buy another as well.
Dawn (Bay City, MI)


This product completely revolutionized my relationship with tofu! Having been vegetarian for over 20 years (now newly vegan), I have tried my hand at perfecting tofu on many occasions only to find time and again that I could not “get it” like restaurants do. The texture was always too mushy. Not now! If you’re on the fence about this product, jump down and place your order!
Kristen (Poulsbo, WA)


Very fast shipping. This tool is amazing. It works great and I don’t have to get out a bunch of plates and books to drain my tofu. Love it!
Jesse (Hoffman Estates, IL)


I bought my first TofuXpress right after they first came out. I bought my 2nd w/in a year, and recently I bought my 3rd with the light tension spring attachment +1. They are all 3 in use at all times. Tofu, rice, vegetables, etc.
You can also use the product to assist making seitan and bean cakes.
I’m not sure 3 units is enough for me.
Debra (Lexington, KY)


Very quick service and I just used this today and love it!!
Nancy (Mystic, CT)


I love my TofuXpress! I think I’ve used it three times in the last three weeks since I received it, and will be using quite often in the near future. I think it’s awesome. It drains the tofu excellently! I highly recommend it.
Shannon (North Highlands, CA)


Perfect tofu press. Very happy with it. No more stacks of books smushing tofu in this house!
Anna (Denver, CO)


Wow, I just wanted to tell you that the Xpress arrived perfectly and…. I LOVE IT….
I never, ever got the right amount of water out… this is so perfect. I now can make baked, sauteed, plain…. all kinds of methods, they all come out GREAT. Thanks so much for a very great product!!!! (And customer support ROCKS, too!)


Jacki (Los Angeles, CA)


We are very pleased with the TofuXpress. We bought two presses, and with a family of 4, we are glad we did. They do cost a bit up front but well worth it, as they work very well and are very well made. Last week I pressed 2 blocks of Tofu, froze, thawed, and pressed them again – and they came out amazing! We also plan on buying the lighter spring(s) for pressing vegan “feta” cheese.
Paul (South Barre, MA)


The Gourmet Food Press is amazing! It makes draining Tofu so much easier. Before the Tofu Press I had to use paper towels & books to drain tofu. Now I just stick it in the Tofu Press and 15 minutes later, I am ready to cook. Highly recommend this product.
Kelly (Washington, DC)


Tremendous seller, ultra quick shipping and delivery and love the product itself. Highly highly recommend.
Joseph (Joplin, MO)


I just wanted to report that I love this TofuXpress! It’s very well made and has completely exceeded my expectations. I’m recommending this product to all of my friends- vegetarians or not. Awesome job!!!


A sturdy, well built, solid gadget that does exactly what it should: squeeze most of the water out a block of tofu without wasting a quarter roll of paper towels. We have tried it on extra firm tofu with excellent results. It takes about 3 hours, but you can store in your refigerator until you are ready, although in some instances you need to empty the reservoir to avoid the liquid level from reaching up to and soaking the tofu block. I hesitated to buy this item thinking it would be a badly built, useless gadget but I was pleased a by its heavy plastic construction and haevy gauge spring. I have not tried it on softer tofus yet, but it seems to be a durable and very useful addition to my kitchen.
Anonymous customer (Miami Beach, FL)


I purchased this tofu press a little over a year ago, and I absolutely love it! It does a wonderful job of pressing the tofu, and you can marinate the tofu in the same container, which is a nice bonus. I did think it was a little pricey before I purchased it, but it has been well worth the $40. Plus, I love that it’s made in the U.S. I am always willing to pay a little more for something made domestically. I highly recommend this product!


Superior product… durable and makes perfect pressed tofu with no mess. Very fast delivery!
Stephanie (Milwaukee, WI)


Great product! They arrived in a timely fashion, and very securely packaged. I couldn’t wait to begin experimenting with a new culinary “toy.” It works great, beats the heck out of pressing your tofu under a stack of books on the counter all day. Simply put the tofu in the press and pop it into the fridge until I’m ready for it. Neat! Thanks a a lot!


I was hesitant to get this because of the cost. After all I can press tofu with a plate and a heavy can for free. Well, I went ahead and got the press anyway. I LOVE THE TOFUXPRESS. I use it all of the time. It presses way more liquid out of the tofu than the plate and heavy can method. This gives the tofu a more solid texture so it is very good for frying in a stir fry or just fried tofu. It soaks up marinade better with more liquid pressed out of the tofu, also.
Garinger (Brookings, OR)


After I previously wrote a review about the two Gourmet Food Presses with less than a 5 star review, I was contacted by the company willing to try to work with me to raise my evaluation of their company.


I appreciate their conscious effort to always make a good thing even better. I would say that their customer service department is conscientious, willing and proactive in working closely with the public to help them achieve a good interactive relationship with the company. For their quick response and concern about their customers image of the quality of the product and their customer service department regarding expressed concerns of the customer – they are unmatched by any other company I have dealt with in the past.

I have only used the tofu press once since it was purchased and it WORKED VERY WELL. It saves time and effort to compress the tofu over 24 hour period like I used to do 30 years ago with a plate and a heavy can of soup. Now the tofu press apparatus is neat and easy to clean and the tofu DOES NOT end up looking very lopsided like before. I plan on using the tofu press this weekend again to help me eat more healthy foods and achieve a better weight for my age and stature.

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