If you love tofu like I do, this is a great product. It effortlessly removes the water from blocks of extra firm tofu, leaving it compressed and ready for frying, baking or grilling.
It is very sturdily made and I highly recommend this product to my fellow tofu-phages.
Customer (Boynton Beach, FL)


I was wary of buying another gadgety kitchen thing because they so often fall short of expectations, but this is one item that exceeded them. Works great. Saves time. Easy to clean. The marinating lid is also quite useful since you can press and then marinate in the same container. I used to avoid making baked tofu because of the hassle but now I find myself wanting to do it all the time.
Mandy (Houston, TX)


Let me first say that I am awful in the kitchen . . . . I had to buy the cube type tofu that was already pressed at a very expensive price. Now, with this gadget I can finally press my own tofu. My boyfriend and I tried everything in the book to get the darn tofu pressed to no avail.


This press is dumby-proof and works perfectly! It saves me a lot of money. Thank God! Finally!
Mary Beth (Delaware, OH)


This product is AMAZING! It is so convenient to open a package of tofu, put it in the tofu press, and tuck it into a small space in the refrigerator until needed. Gone are the days of stacking tofu blocks between towels and plates, trying to find a large enough holding spot in the fridge. Every person who eats tofu should get one of these! And, if you’re like I was — you hesitate because of the price — please know that I now feel that it was well worth the investment. I couldn’t be more pleased with this tool!
Anonymous (California)


My spouse and I eat tofu several times a week and have tried every method under the sun for removing the excess water: pressing it between two plates stacked with books, wrapped in tea towels, sliced and blotted with paper towels, etc. All are inconvenient, haphazard, and messy. Once I heard about this tofu press, I thought it sounded great; however, I didn’t buy it because I didn’t think we had room in our tiny galley kitchen for [what I thought was] a one-purpose gadget. And I thought it was kind of expensive.


So we went for practically a year from the time I knew it existed before I bought it. And let me tell you: I wish I had bought it sooner! It’s not a one-trick pony, like I had feared; not only is it a press, but it’s a marinating bowl, too (it comes with a spring lid and a flat lid). The whole contraption is easy to use and clean, and it takes up only as much room in your fridge (where you can leave it while it presses or marinates) as a tub of commercial tofu. We use it multiple times a week, and it’s fabulous. It works with both store-bought and homemade tofu. Definitely one of our most beloved kitchen gadgets. If you eat tofu, you need this!

M. Mills (East Coast, USA)


A sturdy, well built, solid gadget that does exactly what it should: squeeze most of the water out a block of tofu without wasting a quarter roll of paper towels. We have tried it on extra firm tofu with excellent results. It takes about 3 hours, but you can store in your refigerator until you are ready, although in some instances you need to empty the reservoir to avoid the liquid level from reaching up to and soaking the tofu block. I hesitated to buy this item thinking it would be a badly built, useless gadget but I was pleased a by its heavy plastic construction and haevy gauge spring. I have not tried it on softer tofus yet, but it seems to be a durable and very useful adddition to my kitchen.

Anonymous (Miami, FL)


Received promptly, packaged safely. Very friendly and efficient customer service. (I tried ordering directly to save shipping but had a problem with PayPal so switched to Amazon. Vendor contacted me about the original order when they noticed the order did not complete.) When I emailed that I had switched to Amazon, received very pleasant communications. Thanks.
Frank (Reno, NV)


Thank you for your prompt service. Your product is a very well crafted kitchen tool. It arrived in perfect condition. The days of a teetering tower of plates and cans to press tofu are over! Nothing could be simpler. Just place tofu in press and forget about it for 30 min. or overnight, whichever you choose. Thank you again for such a wonderful, AMERICAN MADE product.
Randy R (Shadyside, OH)


I bought this thinking that this kitchen gadget could end up in the dreaded gadget drawer where old gadgets are never used (like Toy Story for kitchen gadgets). Instead this well made press is so easy to use and does such a great job that it is used at least once-a-week. My old method was to slice the tofu cubes into “steaks” and wrap in a large towel, then cover in a cutting board and 40 pounds of weights. This is so much easier my 12-year-old sous chef daughter can handle. We press the tofu overnight in the fridge (I invert the press onto a cereal bowl to drain as much liquid away) then we marinate in teriyaki or my own soy/vinegar/sriracha mix for 4-8 hours. The forthcoming protein is delicious!
Great product, must have for to-ficianados!
Mark (Saint Charles, MO)


Recently my mother got me the TofuXpress, well four of them actually because she loves me and is a little gung-ho about stuff she knows I would like, and I am in love with it! My fiance and I were so excited about it we kept peeking at it in the fridge. We do have a TV, I swear. We are just a little wacky with new kitchen gadgets. I really love it and plan on making a ridiculous amount of tofu for the holidays and trying to get everyone I know to try it.
Haley (Massachusetts)


Well after almost a month of trying to locate my press–I ordered another which miraculously made it here in 2 days – I LOVE THIS product–it is the best!, I have pressed fruit , tofu, spinach right now—thank you thank you for your product. I am glad I have it – if any body is considering getting one don’t consider. Buy this–it will be the best thing you purchase. I am not the believer of mail order stuff, but this–heck yes! Thank you.
Michele (Winston-Salem, NC)


The tofu press I ordered this past weekend arrived this morning, and I am so pleased with it and impressed with how quickly it arrived.
No more rigging plates and heavy jugs to press my tofu! I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends. Great product!
Merilyn (Columbus, IN)


First of all, let me say that I love, love, LOVE your product! It changed my family’s perspective on tofu, in a good way! I recommend the product to everyone (including a local macrobiotic cooking school), and plan on giving them as gifts to all my family and friends next Christmas. If I had known about your discount on buying a second one, I defintely would have purchased two, Again, I *LOVE* your product!
Angela (Round Rock, TX)


I just bought the press and used it for the first time this weekend. It is the best kitchen gadget I have ever owned!!! It makes preparing tofu so much easier.
Merle (Ledyard, CT)


This has been a worthwhile purchase, and I highly recommend it to anyone who eats tofu. It is extremely easy to use: put a block of tofu in the box, put the lid on, place it in the fridge, and an hour later, you have pressed tofu! Say goodbye to using a lot of paper towels and books to drain your tofu.
A. Clay (Texas)


What an awesome invention. I was a little shy about the price, but WOW – so worth it! I’ve had it for 2 days and I’ve already used it to drain thawed chopped spinach, as well as firm tofu. (It helped make an excellent vegan lasagna.) It also comes with a little booklet with a few recipes in it. I know it seems like a lot of money, but think of all the trees you’ll save by not needing all that paper towel any more…
Anonymous (Clarkston, MI)

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