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How to Grill Tofu @TofuXpress

Tofu is becoming more popular as people seek out healthy and earth friendly meal options, it’s not just for vegetarians anymore.  With that in mind, there is no better way to introduce your friends to benefits of the bean than by presenting them with a flavorful grilled tofu dish at a social gathering!

Grill tofu for a quick and easy way to create a flavor packed meal that breaks bland tofu stereotypes. Wow your friends at your next barbecue by jumping on the tofu bandwagon.

Check out these simple tips for grilling tofu:

  • Tofu will stick to the grill.  Oil the grill first or use foil.  
    Side note: Foil is also a great way to keep your grilled tofu separate from the meat for your stricter vegetarians.
  • Marinate your tofu first, the flavor of your tofu depends on it! Tofu can be marinated with something as basic as barbecue sauce. Just be sure it sits in the marinade for at least 1 hour before grilling, the longer the tofu marinates the better the flavor.
  • Press it! Always press your tofu before grilling, this will help the tofu cook faster, absorb more marinade, have better texture, and stick to the grill less.
  • Try adding pressed tofu to skewers with vegetables

How to grill tofu:

  1. Press your tofu with a TofuXpress the night before your gathering.

  2. In the morning, a few hours before you fire up the grill, cut the tofu into slabs and break out your best barbecue sauce. Cover the tofu with the sauce, or your favorite marinade, and let it sit until grilling time.

  3. Grill  tofu on a hot grill for 5-7 minutes per side (don’t forget to oil the grill first).

  4. Brush the tofu with more marinade halfway through cooking.

Or try this Simple Grilled Tofu Recipe.

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