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Tofu Basics

Tofu BasicsLearn tofu basics and you will be exposed to a whole new world of cuisine.  Tofu is a blank canvas for flavors.  Throughout East Asia and now in the United States and other parts of the world, tofu has been the most popular way to serve soybeans.  Tofu, also known as soybean curd, is a soft cheese-like food that comes from soymilk.  The highly versatile tofu is a popular ingredient and has multiple uses in home cooking.

Tofu, Your Health, and the Environment

Tofu can be added to or replace animal protein in recipes. If  joining  Meatless Monday’s is too drastic for your lifestyle, try using tofu to replace some of your meat in a dish. Start small, use 25% tofu and 75% meat if needed. Every little bit helps.

Health- Soy foods, like tofu,  are good for the heart and blood vessels when used...

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What to do When Your Family Hates Tofu

Do you avoid using tofu because you family says “it’s too mushy,” “there’s no flavor,” or “the texture is weird”?

Try these 5 tips to get your family over its fear of tofu.

  1. Marinate it. Tofu loves a good quality marinade.  The longer you marinate your tofu the better the resulting flavor.
  2. Choose your firmness wisely. If you cut your tofu into strips, cubes, squares, steaks or triangles and want them to hold their form- use firm or extra firm tofu.  Only use soft or medium tofu when you want a smoother consistency, like jello or cottage cheese, in your dish.
  3. Make it crispy. Lightly coat pressed tofu in cornstarch after you marinate it and before your fry it for a super crispy supper.  Learn how in this video.
  4. Don’t just pan fry it.  Try broiling, baking, or grilling your ...
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TofuXpress Tofu Press and Food PressSee the new way to press Tofu – and More.

Welcome to TofuXpress, the new way to press tofu.  Everyone knows tofu is great for you.  It’s a great source of protein, low in fat, high in nutrients like calcium, and versatile.  It’s the protein of choice for those that choose healthy eating over high fat proteins.  And its not just for vegetarians any more.  

Everyone also knows it’s not easy to prepare for cooking – its watery, has a slight flavor, and a very soft texture.  It’s hard to grill and lacks a chewy texture.  Draining tofu and pressing tofu can be messy and cumbersome.

The TofuXpress makes pressed tofu incredibly easy!  No more plates, weights, cutting boards, and paper towels that end up in the trash...

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Here’s what people are saying about TofuXpress:

If you cook frequently with tofu, this press is excellent for draining the excess water. Draining the water leaves a better textured tofu, and it also allows the tofu to absorb more flavor from a marinade. I sometimes like to press the tofu, and then freeze it for a unique, more “meaty” texture. I used to press tofu between 2 dinner plates in the kitchen sink, with books stacked on top. This tofu press is so much more efficient and less messy. And you can easily press the tofu while it’s in the refrigerator. Love it.


I am so glad I invested in this press.
– Just large enough to do the job, doesn’t take up much fridge space.
– No more mess, no paper towels, just put the tofu in the press and forget about it.
– Easy c...

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