TofuXPress Care and Cleaning Tips

To prolong the use of your TofuXpress unit we suggest the following guidelines for care and cleaning:

  • When assembling the Top, be sure both ends of the Spring are under both tabs located in the Spring Retainer Plate and Press Plate as described in the Instruction Booklet.
  • Do not put any foods in the TofuXpress other than as mentioned in the Instruction Booklet and website.
  • Pressing very dense foods such as meat and other very hard foods or very dense and large bricks of tofu may cause the Spring Retainer Plate to visibly bow and potentially crack.  If you see the Spring Retainer Plate bowing then you’ll know there is too much food in the Base.
  • Do not put frozen food in the unit.
  • The TofuXpress was designed to work with 12 oz – 16 oz bricks of tofu (Nasoya and House Foods brands for example), however the height and density vary by manufacturer.
  • Tofu manufacturers cut Tofu unevenly at times. If a brick of tofu is pressing with one side higher than the other, remove the Assembled Top to stop pressing. While the Press Plate is still resting on the brick of Tofu, press down on the Press Plate where it is higher to even out the tofu. Reassemble the Assembled Top and continue pressing.

Cleaning the TofuXpress with vinegar and water

Cleaning_the_TofuXressThe protein from Tofu can cause a white film to form on your unit. To remove the white film and restore it to crystal clear, make a mixture of ½ white vinegar and ½ water. Soak parts for 30 minutes. Rinse and begin using! Your unit should be restored to being bright and clear!

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