Do I Really Need to Press my Tofu?

First, let’s start with what it mean to press tofu. When you press tofu you are compressing the soy curds that make up this lean protein, causing excess water to be released.  

There are several reasons why you may want to press your tofu:

  • Pressed tofu has a texture that many people prefer. Because pressed tofu is made by compression, the resulting tofu is more dense, less spongy, and has a “meat-ier” texture.
  • Pressed tofu absorbs more flavor. Press the water our to let the flavor in.  Tofu acts like a sponge, and like a wet sponge, if it is too full of water it won’t absorb anything- including flavor. Pressing tofu removes extra water and allows tofu to soak up flavors and marinades substantially better.Try these marinated tofu recipes:
    Grilled Lemon Rosemary Tofu 
    Marinated  Baked Tofu 
  • Pressed Tofu Cooks Faster. The lower water content in the tofu allows it to grill, bake and fry faster!  The tofu can become crispier with less oil.
    Try using pressed tofu in this Grilled Tofu with Chimichurri Sauce recipe , or this BBQ Baked Tofu recipe.

How to Press Tofu:

  • Option 1: Wrap your tofu in a kitchen towel and press down on the block
  • Option 2: Wrap tofu in a towel, or paper towels, and pile your heaviest kitchen pans ontop.
  • Option 3: Place your tofu in a TofuXpress and walk away.

Try pressing your tofu with a TofuXpress, the easiest way to press tofu.

old way of pressing tofu

The TofuXpress is the clean, quick, and compact way to press tofu. The unit applies even pressure to expel excess water from tofu quickly, leaving you with a firmer brick that is ready for your plate, grill, stovetop or oven. 

It’s Cleaner, since the TofuXpress holds the excess water as you press your tofu there are no plates of water to spill or piles of waterlogged paper towels to collect.  

The TofuXpress is a compact unit that fits right in your fridge!
Learn more about the TofuXpress here.

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