Do you avoid using tofu because you family says “it’s too mushy,” “there’s no flavor,” or “the texture is weird”?

Try these 5 tips to get your family over its fear of tofu.

  1. Marinate it. Tofu loves a good quality marinade.  The longer you marinate your tofu the better the resulting flavor.
  2. Choose your firmness wisely. If you cut your tofu into strips, cubes, squares, steaks or triangles and want them to hold their form- use firm or extra firm tofu.  Only use soft or medium tofu when you want a smoother consistency, like jello or cottage cheese, in your dish.
  3. Make it crispy. Lightly coat pressed tofu in cornstarch after you marinate it and before your fry it for a super crispy supper.  Learn how in this video.
  4. Don’t just pan fry it.  Try broiling, baking, or grilling your marinated tofu for improved texture.
  5. Press your tofu! We can’t stress this one enough, and not just because we make a tofu press. Tofu acts like a sponge, and like a wet sponge, if it is too full of water it won’t absorb anything- including flavor. Your unpressed tofu may end up with a watery taste and a mushy texture. Pressing tofu removes the excess water and allows tofu to soak up flavors and marinades substantially better.