Tofu “Caprese” Salad

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  1. Tofu, pressed
  2. 1 Large Tomoato
  3. 10 Basil Leaves
  1. 1/4 cup White Wine
  2. 1/4 cup White wine vinegar
  3. 1/3 tsp Salt
  4. Black Pepper
  5. 1/2 Garlic Clove
  6. 1/2 Fresh red chili
  7. 1 Tbsp Olive oil (EVO)
  1. Press tofu in TofuXpress.
  2. Cut tofu into 1/4 inch thick slices.
  3. Slice tomatoes into 1/2 inch thick slices..
  4. Crush and mince garlic. Mix it with the wine vinegar, white wine, salt, pepper and chili.
  5. Cook in a pan until the lmixture has reduced to half. Let cool.
  6. Take tomatoes and tofu and add onion and olive oil. Mix well.
  7. Place tomatoes, tofu and basil alternately as shown in picture on a serving dish. Drizzle dressing on top.
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