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TofuXpress Creator Named Inventor of the Year


Marie Kraft, Founder/Owner  TofuXpress, Inc. 

TofuXpress Creator Named Inventor of the Year


Philadelphia, Pa Marie Kraft, inventor of the TofuXpress, was awarded the 2013 Inventor and Entrepreneur of the year by the American Society of Inventors. She is the first female to be given this honor.

The award honors Marie's invention and the steps she took to turn it into a thriving business. “Marie Kraft  is a true visionary inventor - and entrepreneur - in every sense of the word," said Jeff Dobkin, President of the American Society of Inventors.  “Working by herself she followed her vision: invented a new product,

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OH – So – Easy – Blueberry Yogurt Spread (use Light Tension Spring #2 attachment)

This is a satisfying simple plate to serve as a different twist for breakfast or as an appetizer.

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