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Benefits of Freezing Tofu

Whether you are looking for more ways to prepare your tofu or you’re looking for a new texture, freezing tofu may be for you.

Freezing tofu is more than just a way to store tofu that’s about to expire; it’s a way to take your tofu to a whole new level! Frozen tofu, once thawed, becomes spongy, and resembles the consistency textured vegetable protein (TVP). It has a chewy texture, and can be easily crumbled. Once thawed use the tofu atop salads, as a ground beef substitute, in stir-frys, or in a sandwich.

What happens when you freeze tofu?
While freezing, water in the tofu expands and causes small pockets to form in the block. It is these tiny caverns that give the tofu its spongy feel. The caverns also allow the tofu to soak up marinades better than traditional tofu...

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