Whether you are looking for more ways to prepare your tofu or you’re looking for a new texture, freezing tofu may be for you.

Freezing tofu is more than just a way to store tofu that’s about to expire; it’s a way to take your tofu to a whole new level! Frozen tofu, once thawed, becomes spongy, and resembles the consistency textured vegetable protein (TVP). It has a chewy texture, and can be easily crumbled. Once thawed use the tofu atop salads, as a ground beef substitute, in stir-frys, or in a sandwich.

What happens when you freeze tofu?
While freezing, water in the tofu expands and causes small pockets to form in the block. It is these tiny caverns that give the tofu its spongy feel. The caverns also allow the tofu to soak up marinades better than traditional tofu. Frozen tofu also takes on a yellowish hue, but quickly returns to a whiter color once it is thawed and pressed.

How to Freeze Tofu:

  • You can choose to freeze firm or extra firm tofu in it’s original container, or drain and press the tofu with a TofuXpress before freezing for a firmer result.

  • It is best to freeze tofu for at least 24 hours, actual freezing times will vary by freezer.  To help ensure that the center of your tofu freezes you can cut your tofu into smaller pieces before adding it to the freezer.

  • Thawing the tofu takes time, to help speed up the process set the frozen tofu, container and all, in a bowl of warm water.

  • Once the tofu thaws, whether you pre-pressed your tofu or not, you will want to press it in your TofuXpress for 1 hour.  Pressing the tofu removes the extra water and prevent the tofu from tasting soggy.

  • Be sure to use have a little caution when marinating frozen tofu, it will soak up a lot more sauce than regular pressed tofu. Typically when you marinate tofu half, or more, of your marinade is left over and used as a sauce for your finished dish; this is not the case with frozen tofu. Reserve some of your marinade if your recipe calls for it to be used as a sauce. This Simple Grilled Tofu Recipe is a great way to start using frozen tofu.  Source



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