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If you want more postitve reasons to use our handy dandy TofuXpress tofu press check out our latest raving reviews by these renowed plant based food experts. old way of pressing tofu

Read what plant based nutritionist Sharon Palmer had to say about her TofuXpress.

Find out what Vegan cook & cookbook author Allyson Kramer enjoyed about her TofuXpress on


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Tofu, Just for the Health of it!


Here are 6 healthy reasons to add tofu to your diet

Tofu Just for the Health of it

    • Great Skin: Tofu contains the perfect combination of vital nutrients that contribute to clearer and smooth skin! Tofu is a great source of lean protein, calcium, unsaturated fats, antioxidants and minerals. Tofu also does not contain any of the ingredients that contribute to dull, acne prone skin. Another age defying benefit of eating tofu regularly is that it helps to retain the elasticity of the skin and tones the facial muscles. 
    • Ease Menopause Symptoms: WebMD tells us that “Soy products may improve menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes...
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Introduce your Friends and Family to Tofu

fried_tofuAs many of you know,  tofu’s “mushy” or “flavorless” reputation often hinders a person’s desire to try a dish that contains tofu. But, that’s not a reason to stop serving this healthy and lean protein. Once you’ve mastered the best ways to prepare tofu for tofu haters try some of - 

Our Favorite Ways to Introduce Newcomers to Tofu:

  • Help others make a slow transition to eating tofu by using baked tofu in recipes that call for firm tofu. The firmer and “meat-er” texture of baked tofu can help win over some of the biggest skeptics.  Try adding some Easy Baked Tofu to your veggie stir fry.
  • Make a dish where tofu is not the main ingredient, the less tofu the better.  This Curried Tofu Pasta Salad side dish is less than 25% tofu.  Or, try having your guests start their meal with some Honey Must...
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How to Press Tofu

Do I Really Need to Press my Tofu?

First, let’s start with what it mean to press tofu. When you press tofu you are compressing the soy curds that make up this lean protein, causing excess water to be released.  

There are several reasons why you may want to press your tofu:

  • Pressed tofu has a texture that many people prefer. Because pressed tofu is made by compression, the resulting tofu is more dense, less spongy, and has a “meat-ier” texture.
  • Pressed tofu absorbs more flavor. Press the water our to let the flavor in.  Tofu acts like a sponge, and like a wet sponge, if it is too full of water it won’t absorb anything- including flavor. Pressing tofu removes extra water and allows tofu to soak up flavors and marinades substantially better.Try these marinated tofu recipes:
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What to do When Your Family Hates Tofu

Do you avoid using tofu because you family says “it’s too mushy,” “there’s no flavor,” or “the texture is weird”?

Try these 5 tips to get your family over its fear of tofu.

  1. Marinate it. Tofu loves a good quality marinade.  The longer you marinate your tofu the better the resulting flavor.
  2. Choose your firmness wisely. If you cut your tofu into strips, cubes, squares, steaks or triangles and want them to hold their form- use firm or extra firm tofu.  Only use soft or medium tofu when you want a smoother consistency, like jello or cottage cheese, in your dish.
  3. Make it crispy. Lightly coat pressed tofu in cornstarch after you marinate it and before your fry it for a super crispy supper.  Learn how in this video.
  4. Don’t just pan fry it.  Try broiling, baking, or grilling your ...
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How to Grill Tofu

Everything Tastes Better with Grill Marks, Including Tofu

How to Grill Tofu @TofuXpress

Tofu is becoming more popular as people seek out healthy and earth friendly meal options, it’s not just for vegetarians anymore.  With that in mind, there is no better way to introduce your friends to benefits of the bean than by presenting them with a flavorful grilled tofu dish at a social gathering!

Grill tofu for a quick and easy way to create a flavor packed meal that breaks bland tofu stereotypes. Wow your friends at your next barbecue by jumping on the tofu bandwagon.

Check out these simple tips for grilling tofu:

  • Tofu will stick to the grill.  Oil the grill first or use foil.  
    Side note: Foil is also a great way to keep your grilled tofu separate from the meat for your stricter vegetarians.
  • Marinate your tofu first, the...
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What is a Pressed Salad?

raw portabellaBy now many of you have heard that you can use your TofuXpress to make pressed salads.  For those of you who may not know what a pressed salad is we are here to share the basics on and the benefits of pressed salads.

What is a Pressed Salad?

Pressed salads are very similar to traditional salads, the key separation is that the pressed salad components are compressed to change texture, increase flavor, and add health benefits.  These types of salads are common in Macrobiotic and Raw Food diets and have Japanese origins.

Benefits of Pressed Salads:

  • Pressing fruits and vegetables before eating them helps break down some of the hard to digest fibers, an action that would regularly be achieved by cooking the vegetables.
  • Pressing salads, rather than cooking, preserves and promotes enzymes, which...
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Benefits of Freezing Tofu

Whether you are looking for more ways to prepare your tofu or you’re looking for a new texture, freezing tofu may be for you.

Freezing tofu is more than just a way to store tofu that’s about to expire; it’s a way to take your tofu to a whole new level! Frozen tofu, once thawed, becomes spongy, and resembles the consistency textured vegetable protein (TVP). It has a chewy texture, and can be easily crumbled. Once thawed use the tofu atop salads, as a ground beef substitute, in stir-frys, or in a sandwich.

What happens when you freeze tofu?
While freezing, water in the tofu expands and causes small pockets to form in the block. It is these tiny caverns that give the tofu its spongy feel. The caverns also allow the tofu to soak up marinades better than traditional tofu...

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